How To Save On Water Bill

Bills are an important part of paying your bills, but water is essential.

Water can be pretty pricey, and this depends on the rates, the amount of water you’re using, the area you live in, and whether or not you have a water meter.

How To Save On Water Bill?

We all know that turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth is helpful, but how much money does this actually save you?

Water is used in almost every part of the house, including the kitchen, the bathroom, and the washroom/laundry room.

To save on your water bill, there are a lot of different things that you can implement into your life.

Let’s find out more about this, and hopefully you can save money, and water.

How Much Does The Average Household Spend On Water?

It is estimated that most families spend at least $1,000 a year on their water alone.

This is a lot of money, and it is actually predicted that 300 gallons (1,135.62 l) of water can be used a day in American homes. This is a lot of water, and a lot of money!

The average water bill per month in the US is around $70-$80 a month, and this will be even more, especially if you have a bigger family.

Think about washing your clothes, cleaning your dogs after a muddy walk, and having baths and showers.

Factor in the toilet, faucet, and drinking water, and you can see how 300 gallons (1,135.62 l) is used.

How Much Water Does A Two-Person Household Use?

If we break it down, a two-person household uses a lot more water than you may think. This is also dependent on if they have a dishwasher or not.

It is estimated that households use: 30 gallons of water in the toilet, 27 gallons in the shower, 27 gallons in the faucet, 22 gallons in the washing machine, 2 gallons in the dishwasher, and around 4 gallons in other uses such as drinking water and washing up by hand.

This is per day, and this is the average for a two or three-person household.

How To Save On Water Bill

Well, you want to save money and water. Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to do this.

Using More Than You Need

This is a given, but try to only use what you need. This is especially important if you have a kettle or coffee machine.

Only boil as much water as you require on the stove or kettle.

This will save you a lot of water, as well as save you money on electricity bills. This is the same for the washing machine.

Try to only do a wash when you need to, and only put a full wash on, rather than have the amount of clothes.


Although dishwashers do not use the biggest amount of water within the house, any extra money definitely helps.

Only put your dishwasher on when there is enough to wash, otherwise you will be putting on several washes a day.

Although there is a pre-rinse option on the dishwasher, this is not actually necessary.

Try not to use the pre-rinse setting on the dishwasher, as this uses just the same amount (if not more) of water as an actual wash.



Leaking faucets, shower heads, and toilets are common things in a lot of households, but they are actually wasting gallons of water per day!

When you think that this is gallons of water literally going down the toilet, it’s wise to get these leaks fixed.

Try to fix the issue as soon as you can, and make sure to stay on top of them if you get another.

A great way to see if your toilet has a leak is to add some food coloring to the water tank.

If the water bowl starts to become the same color, you know that you have a leak.

Turning Things Off

Again, this sounds obvious, but a lot of us are so used to it, we don’t even think about it. The first instance to do this is when you are brushing your teeth.

Do not leave the tap running whilst you are using your toothbrush. Instead, turn the tap off unless the toothbrush is underneath the running water.

This will save you gallons of water per week. Additionally, when you are lathering up your shampoo in the shower, switch off the shower for a couple of minutes.

This will potentially save you gallons of water a day! This is the same as when you are washing up dishes.

Only use what you need to, and turn the tap off if you are not using that water stream. Let the sink fill up, and wash the dishes in the water, instead of using more water.


This one sounds weird, but try filling up your toilet tank with some reusable plastic bottles.

These bottles will fill the space in the toilet tank, a space that would otherwise be used by more water.

This means that you can decrease the amount of water that is used when you flush, and this will genuinely save you gallons of water a day.

Collect Rain

Get a water butt or rain barrel! They are designed to collect rain that runs off the roof.

This water can be used around the garden, but you can also get filters and tanks that will turn the water into drinking water! Is that cool or what?

This will save on the costs, especially with the garden hose. Try dumping an open-ended hose into the water butt, and then you can use this water for the backyard.

Final Thoughts

Water is expensive, but follow these tips, and you can save yourself a lot of money each year, and a lot of water.

By watching your usage and being more savvy with your appliances, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Mike Noren