How Many Gallons Of Water Does A Shower Use?

It is known that showers use a  lot less water than baths. Therefore, more and more people are turning to using a sower than taking a bath as not only are you saving water, but they are also much quicker. 

How Many Gallons Of Water Does A Shower Use

Water is becoming a much more limited resource, therefore we need to do our best to try and conserve our water instead of wasting it.

When we use more water than we really need, this then puts pressure on water resources, and could up impact habitats and wetlands. Thus, saving water in the shower will conserve energy and water and reduce your household bills.

In this article, we will find out how many gallons of water your shower uses.

Average Water Usage

Using a washing machine and flushing the toilet are the two main usages of water in your home. While, shower usage comes in at third. 

Research has shown that showers use around 2.1 gallons of water every miniature that they are in use. While the average length of a shower has been discovered to be around 8.2 minutes.

Therefore, if you time together 2.1 with 8.2, an average shower uses around 17.2 gallons of water. With a 10-minute shower using around 21 gallons of water. 

However, a lot of people will have at least one shower a day. This can calculate up to 7 showers a week minimum.

Therefore, your weekly water usage just from your shower alone by just taking one shower a day could end up with 120 gallons of water per person.

Thus, this can amount to 6,261 gallons of water per person every year.

Although, some people may sometimes have two showers a day and this will then increase the number even more. 

What Affects How Much Water Is Used In The Shower?

If you have calculated how much water you are using, you may notice that your water usage is much higher than the average. However, if you want to save how much energy and water you are using, there are ways to do this.

Your usage is affected by a couple of things that we have outlined below. The following are the main things that will affect how much water and energy you are using every time you take a shower. 

  • Shower Length – The average amount of time that an American stays in the shower is roughly 8.2 minutes. Therefore, if you spend longer in the shower than this average, your water usage is going to be a lot more. The longer in the shower you stay, the more water you will end up using. 
  • Flow Rate – The flow rate of your shower is going to affect how much water you are using. It all depends on how fast and the amount of water that is coming out of your shower head. The flow rate of your shower head is important as this will affect your water usage
  • Frequency – The amount of times you take a shower a week or week will affect the amount of water you are using. As a result, the more showers you have a day or week, the more water you will end up using overall. 
  • Showerhead Type – The type of showerhead that you have is really important when it comes to water usage. Power showers will use a high pressure showerhead, however, this means that a lot more water will flow from these showerheads. Therefore, they will end up using a lot more water than other types of showerheads. 

Saving Water In The Shower

You may be surprised how much water you actually use while you are in the shower. However, it is really easy to be more aware of the amount of water you are using.

There are some tips that will help you save money on water and energy, alongside helping the environment as well. 

Cold Showers

Cold Showers aren’t for everyone, but they do help you save water and energy in your home. In addition to that, cold water showers have a lot of health benefits as well.

As they make the body’s skin a lot softer, while also making the individual feel a lot more awake and energized. 

Limit Your Time

The length of your shower can really affect your water usage. Thus, just putting your showers down by one or two minutes can make a huge difference.

This small amount will really add up, and you could end up saving on 100s of gallons of water every year. This will then also have a huge impact on your water bills too. 

Try the navy shower, where you turn the water off while you soap up your body and apply shampoo. Then switch the water back on to rinse all the soap away. You can then dramatically cut down the time of your shower, by up to 5 minutes. 

Also, as you are limiting your time, try to reduce how many showers you are taking. Do you really need to take a shower every day? Normally, people can go at least one day without taking a shower. 

Low Flow Showerhead

A low flow showerhead will help you reduce the amount of water you are using. Less water will be falling onto you.

Thus, you won’t be using more water than you need to, and some older showerheads are too powerful, such as showerheads from 1992 that have a flow rate of 5.5 gallons of water a minute. 

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On average, a person will use between 17 and 21 gallons of water for every shower they have. However, this article has shown you a way to reduce this water usage, so that you’re using less water and energy.

This will then save you money and help protect the environment at the same time.

Mike Noren