Drop 100 is an initiative to save 100 million gallons of water each year in large commercial buildings. Organizations in Drop 100 are proving it’s possible to achieve deep water savings by setting big goals and getting creative.

“Last year, I asked L.A. to step up to address this drought head on-- and Angelenos rose to the challenge, cutting our water use by over 16% since 2014," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "As we all do our part, I'm proud to partner with the LA Better Buildings Challenge and our city's business community to ensure our commercial buildings-- which represent nearly one fifth of our city's water consumption-- are getting smart about water conservation. Working together, Drop 100 will play a key role in meeting the aggressive water saving goals outlined in my Sustainable City pLAn."


Why Join Drop 100

  • Recognition – Get local and national for your projects
  • Connections & Peer Learning – Share your experiences, learn from other organizations committed to saving water, develop best practices
  • Access to Real-world Case Studies – Access information on real projects, with details on the who, what, how and why
  • Technical Assistance – LABBC Technical Advisors connect you with information and resources to support your water saving goals


Case Study

Property Name: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)
Square Footage: 2,316,697
Address: 4650 Sunset Blvd.

Completed Projects
  • All existing low flow faucets retrofitted
  • All existing shower heads retrofitted
  • All existing toilets retrofitted to high efficiency
  • All existing urinals retrofitted to high efficiency
  • All medical and lab sterilizers retrofitted
  • Improved leak inspection and correction program

Planned Projects
  • Retrofit cooling towers
  • Retrofit reverse osmosis equipment
  • Retrofit laundry system to recover water and energy waste
  • Reuse on-site water from HVAC condensate and once-through cooling
  • Improved water meter and billing tracking record system
  • Survey mechanical systems for possible operational issues, leaks, and insulation

Projected Savings / Water Conservation Goals

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles water conservation goals are always to strive to reduce waste, implement technologies to promote reduction of water use when possible, and manage and maintain existing systems to control waste and use without compromising patient safety and building comfort.